What is Disposable PE Gloves ?

Disposable PE gloves - T&T Packaging - 0909 712 888

Disposable PE Gloves are most often used for light duty tasks that require frequent glove changes. This glove has a loose fit design for easy on and off applications, and is especially useful in food service lines, deli counters, and other high volume applications.

What is Disposable PE Gloves used for generally ?

Polyethylene has excellent chemical stability; thus, it’s mainly used as an insulator layer in bags and foils you put your food in.

Now it’s used in many industries, including food wrap, plastic bottles, shopping bags, and Disposable PE Gloves.

When you stand in line waiting for the bar sandwich worker to give you your sandwich or prep you a fast salad, you will notice how they change gloves, do hand washing then put on another pair of gloves.

Or when you’re dying your hair in a hair salon and the hairdresser uses simple DisposablePE Gloves to protect her hand from the dye chemicals yet can be easily removed and changed between clients.

Imagine how many sandwiches and salads are made a day and how many people dye their hair in salons.

Using expensive gloves like Disposable PE Gloves for these simple, quick jobs would burden business owners, cafés, restaurants…etc.

Disposable PE gloves - T&T Packaging - 0909 712 888
DisposablePE gloves – T&T Packaging – 0909 712 888

What material Disposable PE Gloves ?

These single-use polyethylene Disposable PE Gloves with extra-long cuffs provide excellent resistance to chemicals and detergents.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Embossed finish for improved grip
  • Tough, waterproof construction
  • Soft, virgin polyethylene gloves are so pliable that you can handle even small laboratory apparatus with ease
  • Convenient pull-out dispenser

Ideal for hand and product protection in virtually any type of laboratory, food handling, industrial safety, veterinary, electronics, painting, printing, or photography environments.

Are polyethylene Disposable PE Gloves safe ?

Disposable PEGloves are transparent food handling gloves made of polyethylene. They are thin and typically only suitable for low-intensity food preparation duties, such as handling ready-to-eat food and fresh ingredients. Disposable PEGloves are inexpensive and safe to use. (there are no allergies associated with poly gloves).

Disposable PE gloves - T&T Packaging - 0909 712 888
Disposable PEgloves – T&T Packaging – 0909 712 888

Are you looking for a cost-effective, more eco-friendly glove to put on and remove in your daily chores easily res? If your answer is yes, then you should add Disposable PEGloves to the top of your purchasing list!

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